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Our Faculties

Our Faculties

The Team That Moves Us Forward


Faculty of Mathematics, IEET, Bhubaneswar.

He is one of the brilliant mathematicians who imparts extensive knowledge typically to solve mathematical problems meant for the banking aspirants and also for the other competitive examination. He helps students solve their mathematical problems by applying the short-cut methods for which it saves the time of the students at the time of examination. Moreover, for his selfless dedication & innovative skill, a great number of students have come with flying colours by converting them from simple graduates to executives. They have been placed in various banks and have got a new lease of life. Apart from this, out of his busy schedule, he also spares time for clearing the doubts of the students that paves the way for the success of the students. As we all know that today’s doubt is tomorrow’s obstacles at the time of real test i.e. the time of examination. Undoubtedly, he is a man of simplicity who always thinks that the students are his own children. As a whole, he is a philanthropist who has helped so many poor students not only in money but also in solving other relevant problems. Those who have come in contact with him, he/she cannot forget his meticulous behaviour throughout his/her life. In one go, he is a teacher, writer, mentor, guide and well-wisher of the students.

Mr. Ratnakar Patra

Faculty of Banking, Economics & GK, IEET, Bhubaneswar.

Mr. Ratnakar Patra, retired as a Senior Manager from United Bank of India, has 35 years of experience in active Banking Service. Academically he is a postgraduate in Economics from Ravenshaw (now Ravenshaw University), now professionally, he has been working as Banking faculty in IFBI(NIIT), visiting guest faculty in Allahabad Bank Staff Training College, Bhubaneswar. He is also a certificated Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB). He has been supporting the students of IEET as a Banking faculty, enlightening on Banking, Economics and also General Knowledge. He is also in charge of conducting Mock Interviews for the successful candidates in written tests of IBPS. RRB, Insurance etc. He feels proud for being a part of this Institute where hundreds of unemployed youths succeed every year and find the right direction of their livelihood as Bank officer or clerk. This is really a wonderful and pleasant experience on his part in participating in the process of building valuable human resources for the Industry to which he feels as indebted a lot throughout his life. The unique feature of this institute is that it is a centre of learning where we imbue quality, morality, integrity, motivation, and relationship through imparting knowledge and power for success in life.

Mr. Swain 

Faculty of English, IEET, Bhubaneswar.

Nowadays, English has occupied a pivotal role in all the competitive examination. It is nothing but a core subject of all the relevant subjects. Mr.Swain, one of the three pillars of IEET, explains all the English grammar in a mathematical way and teaches the students how to find out the grammatical error from a sentence by utilising the rules in a typical manner without wasting the valuable time at the wee hours of the examinations. IIETIANS call him a standing dictionary, as and when any student asks the meaning of any difficult words, he answers them with several synonyms. So that word power of the students has been developed a lot among the students. He is a good teacher, preacher, counselor, friend and above all acts as parents of the students. He says that we are indebted to our parents for a living but indebted to our teachers for living well.   In his teaching, he inspires the students that never believe in fate rather believe in hard work which has no substitute. His class is full of entertainment and the students forget the time.