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Our Founder

Our Founder

The Man Behind Our Success


Founder, Director & Faculty of Reasoning, IEET, Bhubaneswar.

A man with a logical bent of mind who thinks and deduce the basic conclusion from a statement by utilizing his power of thinking. He teaches the students how to think but not what to think. It is impossible to take any right decision without analytical reasoning. In fact, reasoning is one of the most important segments of all the competitive examinations. However, he clarifies all the questions easily and discusses all the difficult questions among the students very nicely. So that all the student feel easy in solving their difficult problems in reasoning. As a result, they secure more marks by surpassing all other competitors and come with flying colours in the examinations. Apart from reasoning, he imparts excellent teaching on banking awareness which is another vital subject of the banking aspirants and students feel as a banker unbecoming a banker. It helps them a lot after their joining in the banks. In addition to this, he also takes the mock test and changes the mute to a spokesperson. In the mock test, he unfolds the hidden talents of the students and coerces their talent before the real interviewers. Within a couple of weeks, he energizes the students and develops the personality of the students. This authentic personality helps them in the long run.

Irrespective of all, he is a good administrator, he never allows nepotism in his noble organisation i.e, IEET. His first and foremost aim is how to enable the common student as an executive in a bank or any other government sector.  All the students feel that they have got another real Guardian no less than their parents. His caring nature lures the students to get the patronage of him. Above all, he is the friend, philosopher, guide and well-wisher of all the students.